How Dangerous Is Stormwater Pollution?

stormwater pollution

Dirty water that ends up in storm drains contains detergents, fats, oils, grease (FOGs), pet waste, human waste, and other contaminants. Unlike the water draining into the municipal waste system, storm drain runoff goes directly into the nearest stream, lake, ocean, or bay. Improper disposal of FOGs and oil and liquid from auto body shops are two examples of toxic materials that can end up polluting the water people rely on for cooking, drinking, and bathing.

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Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater systems carry rainwater off streets quickly to prevent flooding after a storm. Unfortunately, these systems end up polluted with pesticides, bacteria, and other pollutants.

Pollutants that flow into storm drains include:

  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Cigarette butts
  • Bacteria
  • Fast food wrappers and plastic foam cups
  • Sewage overflow
  • Cooking oil
  • Used motor oil
  • Bacteria from pet waste
  • Construction debris

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, oil from one oil change can pollute as much as 1 million gallons of water. Americans dump over 190 million gallons of oil into waterways every year per the EPA. Small amounts of soaps and detergents create a huge problem for fish and other wildlife.

The Negative Effects of Stormwater Pollution

Stormwater pollution makes its way to the ocean ends up on local beaches, creating unhealthy swimming conditions. Also, contaminated stormwater carries viruses and bacteria that can make you sick.

Illnesses associated with stormwater pollutions include:

  • Earaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Sinus Problems
  • Rashes
  • Fever

Polluted stormwater carries cigarette butts into open waterways. Scientists have found them in the stomachs of birds, fish, whales, and other aquatic animals. Additionally, plastic loops from six-packs pose a problem, strangling, trapping, and injuring animals that encounter them.

What Can You Do to Make a Difference?

Effective stormwater management can reduce the number of pollutants that end up in drinking water and ocean water. Although the EPA inspects industries and construction sites to enforce the agency’s requirements, there are several ways businesses and individuals can reduce stormwater pollution. Some of the best ways to reduce stormwater pollution are:

  • Don’t dump waste from your business into storm drains.
  • Keep your clippings off the street.
  • Ensure that you dispose of cleaning chemicals properly. (Ask your public works department for instructions.)
  • Clean up oil spills.
  • Follow local, state, and federal regulations that apply to the disposal of FOGs.
  • Sweep driveways clear of debris instead of using a hose.
  • Avoid draining your pool into storm drains.

Benefits of Stormwater Management and Drain Services

A well-maintained stormwater system limits the spread of toxins and bacteria and protects businesses and homes against erosion, flooding, and draining issues. We often service the following stormwater management systems:

  • Contech stormfilters
  • Stormceptors
  • BaySavers
  • AquaSwirls
  • BaySeparators
  • Bayfilters
  • Flow splitters

Our team has handled services for dozens of stormwater management brands. We also recommend our preventative maintenance drain services to prevent wastewater backup in your restaurant or other business.

For example, our trained technicians recently helped a restaurant in Annapolis with an accumulation of FOGs that caused a chronic slow drain. Instead of experiencing a flooded kitchen during their busiest time, they could have prevented this issue with our annual preventive maintenance drain cleaning services.

The experts at B&P Environmental provide the best stormwater management and preventive maintenance drain cleaning services.

Contact B&P Environmental Today for Stormwater Management Services

B&P Environmental offers the following services to prevent issues with your storm drain and wastewater drain systems:

  • Industrial vacuum services
  • Grease trap pumping
  • Industrial vacuum services
  • Waste cooking oil collection

Contact us at (443) 292-9259 today to schedule an appointment with our experienced crew. We can also eliminate drainage issues with regular maintenance.

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