Global Recycling Day


Recycling is one of the easiest ways to protect the planet. It may seem overwhelming to put a recycling program in place in your home or business. Yet, doing so helps you to do your part in saving the planet. Global Recycling Day is March 18th. What changes can you make today? At B&P Environment, we’re always looking to do our part to minimize damage to the world around us.

What Is Global Recycling Day?

This year on March 18th, people have the chance to make changes in their lives, their businesses, communities, or the world around them. This is a day designed to educate and encourage people to take some action to protect natural resources. Concerns about climate change, waste filling up natural spaces, and the drop-in access to natural resources are all concerns focused on this day.

What Global Recycling Day Means to Us

At B&P Environmental, we constantly work to help minimize any negative impact on the environment. To do this, we strive to provide the services our clients need to ensure they are doing their part too. We are committed to supporting a healthy environment, and we pride ourselves on being a partner in the reduction of global emissions.

At B&P Environmental, our team works with our customers for all of their recycling needs in cooking oil and grease. We aim to offer the best oil collection services available. Our team collects waste and recycles it back into a usable product. That means fewer resources are being used to create a usable product.

Recycling oil is a critical step for most restaurants and foodservice companies. Fryer oil needs to be changed on a routine basis to ensure the proper flavor and fry quality. That oil must be disposed of responsibly. We dispose of oil properly by:

  • Providing recycling containers for grease and cooking oil
  • Using tankers to collect used cooking oil from those containers
  • Eliminating the risk to dump oil into drains, which leads to grease fire risks and clogs
  • Recycling that oil as much as possible to extend its usable life
  • Oil disposal when the oil can no longer be cleaned and used

Our Outstanding Recycling Oil and Disposal Services

A commitment to providing the best environmental services possible means we stay on top of providing our clients with the highest level of service possible. Our recycling program is straightforward and easy to implement in most food establishments. We provide key benefits that other organizations may not, including:

  • Leak-free and tamper-proof steal containers or a polypropylene container sized to fit your facility
  • Regular intervals for oil disposal – no guessing game about when it will happen
  • Full inspection of the container during each oil disposal appointment
  • Same-day or next-business-day service is often available (and not necessary at a higher cost)
  • Use of a tank connected directly to the fryer is an option as well

Our goal is simple. We aim to provide you with exceptional service in meeting your oil recycling needs. If you are ready to get help, learn more about each of the services we offer that may help improve your location’s goals:

  • Drain cleaning services
  • Grease trap pumping services
  • Hydro excavating services
  • Pump chamber cleaning services
  • Emergency services

Let B&P Environmental Help You Recycle Properly

Recycling Day is a good time to focus on the things we can do each day to make this planet a better place. It’s never easy to make changes, but doing so is worth the effort. Learn more about recycling oil and the proper oil disposal services we offer at B&P Environment. Call us at (443) 292-9259 or connect with us online for more information.

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