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About B&P Environmental

B&P Environmental provides comprehensive services in the wastewater industry, including pumping and vacuuming of liquid and solid materials. B&P Environmental built our business on residential septic tank pumping, and our team stands ready to continue to help you maintain your septic system and clear any blockage we find.  From these beginnings, we have grown in capability to handle any size job and have now joined with Wind River Environmental to bring their fleet of over 1,000 vehicles and almost 1,100 employees to assist us if needed.  Even though we are now the largest service provider in the area, we still value every customer, large and small. If there is any flaw in your septic system, we will help you implement a dependable, cost-effective solution. We have always believed your property deserves our professional and highly trained technicians, and we are always ready to go the extra mile for our customers, no matter the size of the job.

One call does it all, so dial (443) 292-9259 or contact us online to request a free site visit and estimate!

What We Can Do for Your Residential or Commercial Property

Our experts are proud to serve a wide range of customers, from residential homeowners to commercial organizations across numerous industries. We understand the unique wastewater management needs of each client and offer a full array of tailored solutions. For our residential customers, we prioritize creating a clean and safe environment for families with services like routine septic tank maintenance and emergency repairs. In the commercial sector, we work closely with businesses to manage their wastewater effectively, keeping them compliant with environmental laws and regulations.

B&P Environmental is prepared to assist you with:

  • Stormwater management. Controlling and redirecting rainwater can prevent dangerous accumulation that could lead to flooding. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive stormwater management services, assisting with the design and maintenance of effective drainage systems that mitigate these risks. We also offer consultation on best practices for stormwater containment, helping you protect your property during heavy rainfall. 
  • Drain cleaning. Drains can become clogged with debris and waste over time, leading to inconvenient blockages and potential damage. Our technicians use proven techniques like hydro jetting to clean your pipes and clear obstructions. Regular drain cleaning can significantly extend the lifespan of your drainage system, avoid the need for costly repairs, and maintain the sanitary conditions of your property.
  • Waste cooking oil collection. Used cooking oil can pose potential plumbing problems if incorrectly disposed of. Our waste cooking oil collection service can prevent these issues while simultaneously contributing to a greener planet. The collected oil is often repurposed into biofuel, a renewable energy source, further emphasizing our commitment to sustainable practices. 
  • Industrial vacuuming. This service is specially designed to handle the heavy-duty cleaning requirements of commercial and industrial properties. We utilize high-powered vacuum trucks equipped to quickly and efficiently remove wet or dry waste materials, even from hard-to-reach places. This service is ideal for businesses that generate large amounts of waste, such as manufacturing facilities, power plants, and construction sites.
  • Septic tank pumping. A septic tank system is essential for any property that is not connected to a public sewer system. It is responsible for treating and disposing of the property‚Äôs waste safely and effectively. Over time, these systems accumulate solid waste that needs to be periodically pumped out to prevent malfunctions, backups, and potential environmental hazards. Our skilled and experienced team offers reliable septic services, from inspections to maintenance to pumping.
  • Grease trap pumping. Grease traps play a crucial role in preventing fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering the sewer system and causing blockages. However, these traps will eventually fill up and must be pumped out to continue functioning effectively. Our seasoned technicians not only facilitate efficient cleaning of your grease trap but also proper disposal of the waste in compliance with local regulations.
  • Hydro excavation. Hydro excavation is a non-destructive method of excavation that utilizes pressurized water to break up the soil, which is then removed using a vacuum. It allows for precise, efficient, and safe excavation, minimizing the risk of damage to underground utilities and pipelines. Our hydro excavating services have a variety of applications, including utility installation and repair, environmental cleanup, landscaping, and trenching.
  • And more!

Why Choose B & P Environmental?

  • Experienced Service Provider
    We have over 400 years of experience combined with all of our employees. There's nothing we haven’t seen in this industry.
  • 24/7 Scheduling Availability
    Days, nights, weekends, national holidays—we’re always available online to book your service.
  • Self-Service Online Scheduling
    Our technicians can enhance service with all of the capabilities of our online portal.
  • Multiple Service Offerings
    Our services range from liquid waste management to drain services and beyond.
  • Trusted by The U.S. Government
    Authorized to work on government, military and all other federal installations.

We Offer Around-the-Clock Support

Day or night, we are here for you. we recognize that urgent problems can arise at any time, which is why our commitment to our customers extends to providing 24/7 emergency assistance. Our highly trained team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to tackle any challenge, ensuring a prompt and effective response no matter the hour.

We look forward to discussing your situation and how our specialists can meet your needs. Call (443) 292-9259 or contact us online today!

Hear from Happy Customers:
"Give the team at B&P Environmental a call!"

They have earned our respect and our business! Your search for a septic service company is over!

- Joshua T.

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