Importance of Cleaning Your Grease Trap

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Anyone who owns or has worked for a commercial food establishment in the Crofton, MD area is likely familiar with a grease trap. It’s a plumbing device placed in the drainage system to trap fats, oils, and grease (FOG) before getting into the sewer system. Grease trap cleaning is essential to maintaining a successful commercial food enterprise.

B&P Environmental is a leader for professional grease trap cleaning in the Maryland/DC area. Remember, if you don’t properly clean your grease trap, it can lead to circumstances that end up hurting your bottom line, including:

Backed Up Drains

A grease trap works by filtering out FOG on top of the water and solid food waste found at the bottom. When properly maintained, the grease trap continues letting other wastewater flow down into the sewers, after collecting the FOGs and food debris. If you don’t clean out your grease trap regularly, you could end up with a situation where you have FOG and other solid food waste trigger a grease trap overflow that will require costly emergency service pumping and drain cleaning, as well as property cleanup.

Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it. If the grease trap overflow gets into the sewer system, it can cause severe blockages in your pipes and eventually overflow and impact the entire local water system. If local authorities trace the problem back to your establishment, be prepared to pay some serious fines.

Harmful Pollution

Grease trap cleaning is not just essential for the health of your pipes but also for the environment.  If grease traps get too full, the grease trap overflow can make it into storm drains and the local waterway, causing all sorts of ecological issues and damages.

An outside grease trap doesn’t mean it can’t cause harm inside your restaurant. The trap located outside can and will still back up into the building.

Loss of Business

No one wants to eat in a restaurant that smells. However, that’s exactly what tends to happen when you don’t regularly clean your grease traps. Solid food waste eventually decomposes, which causes a rotting stench that can permeate the kitchen and the dining area of your Montgomery County food establishment.

Penalties and Fines

Many cities and municipalities have strict regulations around grease trap maintenance for food establishments. Not keeping up with regular grease trap cleaning can lead to local authorities issuing financial penalties. That’s in addition to what you may have to pay if your lack of maintenance leads to sewer problems for other homes and businesses due to grease trap overflow.

Benefits of Hiring Wastewater Professionals

Grease trap cleaning is not a pretty job. You should clean or empty your grease trap at least once every ninety days. However, you may need to perform grease trap cleaning more often, depending on its capacity. For example, smaller grease traps typically need cleaning more often.

Establish a schedule for checking the status of your grease trap. That includes measuring and recording the depth of FOG inside the trap. However, the responsibilities that come with running a restaurant, sandwich shop, or other food establishments can lead to oversight when it comes to grease trap cleaning.

Hiring a company specializing in sewer and preventative maintenance restaurants and other eateries can help you keep your grease trap working properly. B&P Environmental provides grease trap cleaning and maintenance services to restaurants and other food establishments in Maryland, DC, and surrounding areas.

We provide prompt and professional service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. B&P Environmental technicians understand the importance of clearing up grease trap issues promptly and thoroughly. You can count on us to do our part in keeping your business running successfully. Other professional services we offer include:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Stormwater management
  • Industrial vacuum services

Schedule a Grease Trap Cleaning with B&P Environmental Today

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