Why You Should Clear Your Storm Drain

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Storm drains work to move rapidly flowing water away from a structure. When floodwaters rise, these drains channel water into the city’s drainage system, away from structures. Without these drains, water could back up into the property, creating a high risk of a flood, mold damage, and structural problem with the foundation. Yet storm drains clog without proper stormwater management and service. At B&P Environmental, our team of experts have years of experience keeping storm drains free from clogs.

What’s Clogging the Storm Drain?

Most of the time, storm drain clogs are caused by a combination of trash, sediment and vegetation. Sometimes, sediment from sudden and severe rain events can settle into the drain, creating a sticky, hard-to-move blockage. Any litter on the ground will surely end up in the storm drains during the next rain event.  A blockage like this can make it impossible for the water to flow easily in even a modest rainstorm, increasing the risk of flooding, erosion and property damage. Property owners can minimize this risk with proper drain cleaning.

How Do I Keep My Storm Drain Clear?

Routine maintenance and a watchful eye can help minimize risks to backed-up storm drains. Some simple steps property owners can use include:

  • Cleaning up all fallen leaves during autumn and spring. Leaves are a common risk factor for blockage.
  • Remove trash from around and in storm drains.
  • Take note of any standing water or slow draining water
  • Keep tree branches trimmed so dead branches don’t land in storm drains.
  • Do not dispose of any chemicals or pollutants into these drains.
  • Post “no dumping” or watershed awareness signs

Does My Storm Drain Need Professional Cleaning?

The most common sign of a clogged storm drain is water that is backing up. Unfortunately, you may not notice this happening until there’s a significant rainstorm. If a light rain causes puddling where the drain is, that’s an indication the drain needs attention. It’s not always obvious, and you may not notice evidence of debris or mud. Sometimes, the clog is much deeper into the system.

Our B&P Environmental professionals in Montgomery County can help you. Are you noticing the signs of a clogged storm drain? Let our team offer help and guidance. It is often too dangerous to clean a storm drain on your own, especially if it is deep. We recommend calling our team at B&P Environmental for comprehensive help, including:

  • Professional drain cleaning
  • All stormwater management services
  • Emergency drain services
  • Grease trap pumping
  • Hydro excavating services

We’ll use a combination hydrojetter and vacuum truck to vacuum out any debris, and hydrojet the drain lines to remov any accumulated trash, sediment and vegetation.  If necessary, we will also make a confined space entry using proper OSHA protocols to facilitate cleaning or other work, as well as a visual inspection manually or via CCTV sewer camera machines.

After cleaning and inspection, stormwater will properly flow through the system as designed, eliminating any of the previously mentioned problems and hazards.

How Can I Prevent Future Storm Drain Problems?

While you are not able to effectively clean stormwater management systems, there are things you can do to help.  Eliminating debris and trash before it gets into the system is the key requirement.  Rake up lawn clippings instead of blowing them into the street or parking lot or directly down the storm drain. If this is a commercial property, be sure to instruct any landscaping contractors to avoid putting any landscaping debris down the drains.  Also be sure to keep the area free from trash and litter – any loose trash or debris is sure to end up in the storm drain system if not property disposed of.  Finally, be sure to think of sediment and erosion control.  Any loose sediment exposed to rain will surely end up in the storm drain system causing expensive issues down the road.  Be sure to always address any visible erosion and plan ahead to prevent erosion issues.

Don’t Wait to Call B&P Environmental for Storm Drain Help

Proper storm draining clean saves time and protects your property’s structural integrity and value. It ensures a safe environment as well. Learn more about stormwater management in Montgomery County when you call B&P Environmental at (443) 292-9259 or reach out to us online today.

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