How Long Do Septic Tanks Last?

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A septic tank is a necessary system for many residential properties. They can seem intimidating if you are buying your first home with one. How long do septic tanks and septic systems last? What type of service and maintenance do they require? At B&P Environmental, we recommend you get comprehensive help and support with these systems.

How Long Do Septic Tanks Last in Most Cases?

Properly maintained septic tanks can last between fifteen and forty years. Various factors determine the lifespan of these systems, including the material it is made from and how well it is maintained over its use period. Damage to the exterior of the system from vehicles can impact its lifespan. In some areas, flooding by groundwater can reduce the lifespan of the system. Roots may grow into the tank or around it, creating an increased risk for damage that way.

With proper septic tank services and maintenance, these systems can last a long time. However, the tank itself will break down over time. Even the strongest tanks will deteriorate over time.

Signs of an aging septic tank and septic system may include:

  • A depression in the ground where the tank is located, indicating a collapsing tank
  • The concrete lid or riser is visibly crumbling.
  • Rust-colored streaks are present on the exposed concrete.
  • Water oozing from the septic tank lid or inspection port
  • Wet ground or brightly colored grass/vegetation where the drain field is present

Signs that your septic tank needs maintenance and inspection may include:

  • Slow drain from the toilets, sinks or drains from the house
  • If you do not know when the last time the tank was pumped
  • If you have a strong odor near the tank

What Type of Septic Services Can Help?

B&P Environmental provides pumping services to keep your septic system working at maximum efficiency. Also, our team recommends regular pumping of the tank. During pumping, a visual inspection of the tank is conducted. This can help maintain the system properly by taking care of concerns as soon as they develop. We make recommendations for the frequency of pumping based on how much water is used in the home and the number of people living there. The age of the septic system also plays a role in this. Older systems typically need pumping more often.

Without consistent pumping, the tank and drainfield may age too quickly. It can also lead to overflows from the tank, blockages in the house, or a failed drain field.

The Importance of Sewer Maintenance

Keeping the septic tank operational and routinely cleaned is the first step. However, it is just as important to maintain good sewer maintenance within your home. If the lines within the home do not properly move waste products through the system and into the septic tank, that can lead to a backup as well. At B&P Environmental, we provide comprehensive sewer maintenance services.

Our services include hydrojetting and all forms of drain cleaning.  This process uses high-pressured water to flush the drain and sewer lines clean. During the process, all the caked-on material throughout the lines is pushed out and into the drains, eliminating any blockages or accumulated debris, scale, or grease that has built up over time.  Should problems with the lines be encountered, B&P has all the latest sewer camera, inspection and locating equipment necessary to locate and facilitate any repairs.

B&P Environmental’s Septic Services and Maintenance

B&P Environmental provides a range of services to keep residential properties draining properly. We have long provided septic services and maintenance to our clients. We encourage you to reach out to us if you need help with any of the following:

  • Stormwater management systems
  • Drain cleaning services
  • Industrial vacuum services
  • Hydro excavating services
  • 24/7 emergency services

Find Answers for Your Septic Tank Problems at B&P Environmental

When you learn how long septic tanks last, you may be concerned with your own system. With routine septic services and overall good sewer maintenance, it may be possible for you to see significant improvement and an extension of your tank’s life span. Our team at B&P Environmental can help you. Reach out to us by calling (443) 292-9259 or connect with us online to learn how.

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