a container from waste cooking oil collection servicesWaste Cooking Oil Collection Services and Recycling

B&P Environmental is committed to a healthy environment. We help our customers with their recycling needs when it comes to used cooking oil and grease. We collect this waste and recycle it into a usable product that helps the environment. B&P Environmental prides itself on being your partner in reducing global emissions and sustaining a healthy environment.

Most food establishments are using one or multiple fryers in their kitchen or food preparation area. However, fryer oil needs to be changed on a regular basis and the used fryer oil must be disposed of in a responsible manner. B&P Environmental provides waste cooking oil collection services to food establishments. Our fleet of tanker trucks will collect your used cooking oil that you have disposed of into a recycling container provided by B&P Environmental. Our professional staff will timely empty your recycling container. Improper disposal of used cooking oil by draining it into a sink will quickly cause a build-up of grease in drain lines. Over a short period of time, this build-up will cause complete blockage and drain lines will stop passing used cooking oil, wastewater, or other liquid through. A backup will occur and sinks, floor drains, and grease traps will overflow, resulting in costly water damage.

How Does The B&P Environmental Recycling Program Work?

B&P Environmental will deliver a leak-free and tamper-proof steel container or, alternatively, a polypropylene container of the suitable size to your facility. Your used fryer oil will be deposited into this recycling container. Our drivers will come by your facility at regular intervals to safely empty the recycling container. While on-site, our drivers will inspect your container and any damage or other need for container replacement will be reported back promptly to our dispatch center.

a worker draining waste cooking oil collection
preparing for waste cooking oil collection

B&P Environmental also offers the option of using a tank that is connected directly to the fryer. The kitchen staff simply flips a switch and oil is pumped out to a container located outside the restaurant, or any other location that is most convenient such as a loading dock, utility closet, or trash enclosure. Such a system greatly reduces the opportunity for spills and accidents, leading to a cleaner property and a safer working environment.

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B&P Environmental offers a variety of commercial and residential sewer and drain cleaning services, in addition to waste cooking oil collection services. Some of these services include:

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