Stormwater Management

B&P Environmental based in Crofton, Maryland, specializes in stormwater management and drainage systems maintenance services. We serve properties throughout Maryland, Delaware, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. We are a certified CONTECH service provider, and have experience dealing with a wide variety of stormwater system designs. B&P Environmental provides comprehensive stormwater management services for a wide variety of properties and real estate.

B&P Regularly Services:

  • Contech Stormfilters
  • Stormceptors
  • BaySeparators
  • Flow Splitters
  • Bayfilters
  • BaySavers
  • AquaSwirls
  • Aquafilters
  • Underground Water Retention Tunnels
  • Water Detention Tanks/vaults
  • Stormwater Quality Units
  • Curbside Catch Basins
  • Bioretention Ponds
  • Bio Filtration Ponds
  • Filtera Planters
  • CDS Chambers
  • Jellyfish Filters
  • Vortechs
  • Catch Basin Filters
  • Trench Drains
  • Wet Ponds
  • Dry Ponds
  • Underground Infiltration Trenches
  • And more

What Is Stormwater Management?

Today’s changing environment and weather patterns are creating new drainage challenges for property owners. Hundred-year floods happen more often than what has been the norm in the past. Extreme weather and substantial rainfalls are also more common, and a typical rainstorm can become troublesome if the stormwater management system in place has not been properly maintained. When not properly managed, stormwater runoff can lead to contaminated freshwater resources and environmental issues, as well as severe property damage due to flooding and erosion.

workers performing undergoing storm water management
undergoing storm water management

Below ground stormwater management structures are effective and efficient at containing trash, leaves, sediment, and other pollutants including oil. A stormwater management system is designed to collect trash, leaves, debris, sand, and sediment. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly and rigorously service and maintain this system to ensure proper function and to remove collected trash, debris, sand, and sediment. Our industrial vacuum trucks and trained technicians are used to perform the work and bring all devices and systems back to original operating specifications. Our staff is trained and certified in confined space entry, allowing deep cleaning of storm vaults and servicing of storm filters.

B&P Environmental also provides above ground stormwater management services, including trash and debris removal, grass cutting and vegetation management, erosion repair, as well as removing woody vegetation to bring swales, berms, and dams back up to designed specifications. In addition, B&P Environmental performs structural maintenance such as concrete repair and barrel/pipe repairs.

a truck working on undergoing storm water management
workers performing undergoing storm water management

Contact B&P Environmental Today

B&P Environmental takes pride in having good working relationships with regulators and inspectors, and we all work as one team to ensure private and public stormwater management systems are functioning properly. In addition to stormwater management services, B&P Environmental offers a variety of commercial and residential cleaning services, such as:

B&P Environmental is available 24/7 with our emergency plumbing services. Whether you have stormwater filters, infiltration trenches, wet or dry ponds, or any other above or below ground stormwater management systems, contact B&P Environmental today at 833.522.0198 to discuss your unique situation and arrange a site visit.