B&P Environmental employees performing confined space workWhat Is Confined Space?

OSHA defines a confined space as being made up of 3 main parts:

  1. The space is large enough for an employee to enter and perform work
  2. The space has limited or restricted means for entry and/or exit
  3. The space is not designed for continuous occupancy

An example is the interior of a storage tank, occasionally entered by maintenance technicians but generally not intended for human occupancy. B&P Environmental has the certification and experience necessary to perform confined space work.

Confined Space Work

Permit-required confined spaces are defined by OSHA as any type of space that meets all three of the characteristics outlined above, plus one or more of the following:

  • The confined space has a hazardous atmosphere, or potentially hazardous atmosphere; including too little or too much oxygen, and/or the presence of toxic or explosive gases or vapors (such as hydrogen sulfide or methane)
  • The space has a material that can — or potentially will — engulf an employee, such as water, sludge or physical material
  • The space has an internal configuration (such as floors that slope downwards) that can — or potentially will — trap or asphyxiate employees
  • The confined space has any other recognized serious safety or health hazards, such as machinery with moving parts, sources of electrical shocks, steam (burn hazard), or liquids (drowning and fire hazards)

B&P Environmental performs confined space work regularly and has trained and certified technicians for confined space entry and work. Such work could be:

  • Cleaning and/or repair of grease interceptors and other below-ground tanks and vaults
  • Cleaning and servicing of below-ground stormwater systems
  • Cleaning of larger stormwater vaults, vacuuming and cleaning of larger holding tanks and reactor tanks

Confined space work involves a Confined Space Entry Permit that is issued by a certified company supervisor. This permit is used to ensure that the existing hazards of a confined space have been properly identified, assessed (evaluated). Those necessary preventive and protective measures and procedures are put into place for the safety and health of workers entering the workspace.

Reach Out To B&P Environmental For Confined Space Work

B&P Environmental regularly performs confined space entry jobs, such as:

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